Global Warming. Solved!

| Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My friends, we need fear global warming no longer. 
Instead of using energy efficient lightbulbs and 1 piece of toilet paper per bathroom visit, the dreadful plague of global warming could be eliminated in one fell swoop.  How do we accomplish this? We use nuclear weapons or course!
With a few well placed nuclear missiles on a Pacific island(or in Iran), we could end this global crisis and save the world. Imagine that...saving the world with ICBM's!

This is easily the best idea environmentalists have ever come up with. 
And no, I didn't make this up. Check out the full story by National Geographic's 'experts'. 

 And after you've finished marveling at that, you can join me in singing this.

Navigating the Maze of Conservative Hashtags

| Monday, January 3, 2011
I've noticed over time that we conservatives on Twitter have accumulated lots and lots of hashtags. I'm assuming a lot of my readers already know what hashtags are, but in case anyone from Rio Linda happens to be reading this, I'll give you a quick rundown. ;)

On Twitter, you may see certain phrases like #balloonboy #phillies, etc. If you click on #phillies, or type it in Twitter search, you'll be shown everyone on Twitter who mentioned the #phillies. It basically serves to organize different tweets, and it makes them easier to find in Twitter search. It also means that if YOU use the #phillies hashtag in your tweet, anyone searching under that hashtag will see your message. 

Now, I've compiled a list of conservative hashtags that are used on Twitter, along with their definitions. I'll even show you which hashtags get the most use. Once you're done reading, please feel free to pass this along to any conservatives you know who want to get more involved on Twitter!

#tcot : stands for Top Conservatives on Twitter.
Very Heavy Usage
#icon : stands for Independent Conservatives (my personal favorite). This one unfortunately, is also used by a number of non-conservatives for a variety of purposes. You'll still see if sometimes(especially if you're following me, muahahaha), but you'll see it less frequently than #tcot
Moderate Usage
#xcot : refers to Christian Conservatives on Twitter.
Moderate Usage
#ocra : means Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance. This one is right up there with #tcot in terms of usage stats.
Very Heavy Usage
#teaparty: As the name implies, this is used during tea parties, or at other times on Twitter by conservatives.
Heavy Usage
#tlot: stands for Top Libertarians on Twitter: This one nearly rivals #tcot in terms of how much its used.
Very Heavy Usage

#sgp: stands for Smart Girl Politics, which is a conservative women's movement. If you're a chick, you should definitely check it out, and even if you belong to the other sex, it remains a great resource.
Heavy Usage

#hhrs: stands for the Hugh Hewitt show, and is often seen with many conservative tweets.
Heavy Usage
#iamthemob: This hashtag started after some Democrats in Congress labeled those protesting socialized medicine as a mob.
Moderate Usage
#tpot: stands for Top Patriots on Twitter.
Moderate Usage
#gop: This hashtag is usually used when tweeting about the Republican Party.
Very Heavy Usage
#twisters: Stands for Twitter Sisters.
Heavy Usage
#catcot: California Conservatives
Moderate Usage

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the hashtags used by conservatives on Twitter, but this covers most of those that I've seen. If you know of any others currently being used, please comment and I'll add them to the list. Now for a bonus part about a lib hashtag!
#p2 is used by progressives, so if you're looking for liberals to enlighten or infuriate(I know you would NEVER do that ), you should be able to find some there. Another way to find liberals is to simply look at @shoq 's Twitter feed. 

Anyway, I hope  you found the article useful, and if you have any more questions about Twitter,  feel free to send me a message at @jedimaster_ops on Twitter.

God bless!


Why Mohammed and Hitler Would've Been Best Buds.

| Friday, December 10, 2010
'Jews are descended from pigs and apes!
No, this isn't Nazi rhetoric. This is Mohammed's.
Those sentiments are found in the Quran, and in the mouths of Muslims even to this day.

Let's look at both Islam and Nazism, and you'll see the similarities.

Why was Islam so attractive to Arabs? It established Ishmael's precedence over Isaac. The Arab race has been defined by Abraham choosing Isaac in Ishmael's stead. They felt abandoned, castoff, and rejected. That's where Mohammed enters the scene. He told them that they were superior to Jews, and to anyone else. He promised them greatness at the expense of others. Mohammed went to great lengths to dehumanize Jews, and his enemies in general. He claimed that Allah had turned Jews into apes and pigs. He massacred an entire Jewish settlement, claiming that Gabriel had appeared to him and told him to do so. That's just ONE example. The Quran itself is full of commands to kill 'infidels'(usually Jews or Christians), and to slaughter them wherever they are hiding. Sounds pretty similar to the relentless hunting of Jews practiced by the S.S.
The Quran also says that those Muslims who do not join the fight are 'hypocrites', and that they will burn in hell for not doing so.
Ironic isn't it? Christianity says you'll go to hell if you don't accept the sacrifice of Jesus, who gave His life for you. Islam threatens to send you to hell for refusing to kill infidels.
But you say, that was a long time ago! Islam is much more civilized now!
Even today, despite years of white-washing by historians to hide Islam's brutal history, the truth still slips out, usually from the mouths of Muslims themselves.
In 2005, a popular Saudi lecturer repeated the claim that "Jews are the sons of monkeys and pigs". In 2009, a prominent Egyptian political figure took it a step further(or mixed up his history) when he claimed that the pigs living today are descended from Jews, and as such, should be killed. A Syrian official made a similar statement in 2007. Most damning of all, the highest ranking cleric for the Sunni Muslims(their pope, basically) called Jews the "The enemies of Allah, descendants of apes and pigs."
Very tolerant indeed! 
Now, what about Nazism?
 The German nation wast quite possibly at its lowest point in their history. They had lost World War I, been forced to give up vast amounts of territory, military power, etc. They were under a crushing burden of debt, and faced a terrible depression. Their self-esteem as a people was at an all time low. Then Hitler came. He told them that they were the master race, that they were genetically superior, and that as such, they should rule the Earth. Everyone who wasn't Aryan would either serve them, or be killed, as was the case with Jews. He possessed an especially strong hatred for Jews.
The Nazis, like Mohammed before them, tried to dehumanize the Jews. They were considered as low as animals, and Himmler, head of the S.S, had this to say, "Antisemitism is exactly the same as delousing. Getting rid of lice is not a question of ideology. It is a matter of cleanliness." 
Even more telling, Hitler tried to make an alliance with Haj Amin Husseini, the leader of the Muslim population in the British Mandate of Palestine. Here is some of what he had to say to Husseini:

"The FŸhrer made the following declaration, requesting the Mufti to lock it deep in his heart:

1) He (the FŸhrer) would carry on the fight until the last traces of the Jewish-Communist European hegemony had been obliterated.
2) In the course of this fight, the German army would - at a time that could not yet be specified, but in any case in the clearly foreseeable future - gain the Southern exit of Caucasus.
3) As soon as this breakthrough was made, the FŸhrer would offer the Arab world his personal assurance that the hour of liberation had struck. Thereafter, Germany's only remaining objective in the region would be limited to the annihilation of the Jews living under British protection in Arab lands."

So in both Nazism and Islam before it, Jews and those who support them are compared to animals, and in both cases, they were treated like animals. The  methods, beliefs, and goals were the same, and the results were only different because Hitler had the means and the technology to kill and enslave more Jews than Mohammed and his followers ever could.

Who knows though? Hitler is dead, and the few Nazis that still remain are essentially powerless.
There's still plenty of time for Islam to catch up.

Veritas Report

| Friday, October 8, 2010
Fist Pump

In a big victory for Republicans, Democrat Henry Waxman abandoned his effort to ram through his controversial net neutrality bill.

The more we can keep the government out of the internet, the more freedom will flourish.

LOL of The Week.

You've probably seen far too many teens with saggy pants. Its annoying, its gross, and it looks horrible. Someone finally decided to vent their frustration regarding this troubling cultural trend...with a semi-automatic. Memphis police report that a teen was shot in the butt after engaging in an argument with a man angry over the teen's laughably absurd style choices and his insolence to walk down said man's street. The man has been charged with aggravated assault charges, which is a great shame. This guy deserves a medal, not a jail sentence.

Weekly Activities by Our Peaceful Muslim Friends.

Our good friends the Muslims have carried out at least 44 reported jihad attacks this week, which resulted in 157 deaths, and 250 severely injured.

The high and civilized Muslims meanwhile, are having troubles of their own, what with the report that a Saudi prince raped and murdered his male servant. This story is so reviling that I'm not going to elaborate further. The BBC ran a story on it here .

Also in the news this week, is the heart-breaking story of a 12 year old girl in Bangledesh who committed suicide after being forcibly married to an older man.

Meanwhile, we're allowing a mosque dedicated to this farce of a religion to be built in New York, blocks away from where Muslim terrorists killed thousands of innocent Americans.

That's screwed up.

What the...

Well isn't this prophetic. In the middle of one of Obama's boring monologues to some group nobody's heard of, his presidential seal falls off the podium and clatters to the floor. This is even better then the flag nearly falling on Hillary! Check out the video

Top News Story the Media Threw Under the Rug

Gallup released a report on October 7th that the employment rate is now 10.1%. That's nearly a full percentage point higher than its 9.3% number in September. Now, if a Republican were in office, what do you think the media would be saying? In all likelihood, they'd be raking the Republican incumbent over the coals over his failed economic policies.

Of course, a Republican isn't in office, so this goes basically unreported. Aside from talk radio, and Gallup's own website, I haven't seen a single media story on this. Its sad, but hey, what do you expect? Its circle the wagon time in D.C, and the media is playing their part to defend the Democrats.


Kagan In. Wonderful, No?

| Saturday, August 7, 2010
From Newsmax:
"Elena Kagan was sworn in Saturday as the 112th justice and fourth woman ever to serve on the Supreme Court.
Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath to Kagan in a brief private ceremony at the court. Kagan, joined by family and friends, pledged to faithfully and impartially uphold the law.
Afterward, she smiled broadly as a crowd of onlookers stood and applauded. "We look forward to serving with you," Roberts said."


Well good for you Justice Roberts. We most certainly DON'T look forward to Kagan being on the bench. Her record speaks for herself. How Lindsey Grahamnesty convinced himself to vote for her is beyond me. *Sigh* 
I guess on the bright side, she was replacing a liberal stalwart. She shouldn't be able to do too much damage to the Constitution. 

Rangel & Kerry, Pay The Taxes You Want Us To!

| Friday, July 30, 2010
From Fox News: The investigative panel of bipartisan lawmakers looking at alleged violations of House rules by New York Rep. Charlie Rangel recommended a "reprimand" for the longtime lawmaker, Rep. Gene Green, D-Texas, a member of the panel, said Friday. 

Well there you have it. The man is charged with THIRTEEN violations of House rules, and the best the 'Drain the Swamp' House of Retards can do is give him a reprimand?
"There there Charlie, its alright. Try to do your taxes correctly next time, okay son?"
Never mind that there were "28 instances in which he(Rangel) failed to report acquiring, owning, or disposing assets". 
Never mind the reports that Rangel "exchanged official favors – a tax loophole for oil driller Nabors Industries Ltd. – in exchange for a $1 million gift to the Charles Rangel Center at City College of New York."
Never mind that Rangel has been plagued by corruption problems in the past. 
Despite all of this, and other allegations that have not been disclosed in detail, the House wants to give him a 'reprimand'. 
The hypocrisy is unbelievable, and Rangel isn't the first to exposed. 
Earlier this week, we had reports about how John Kerry moved his yacht from his own state, and in the process dodged a nearly $500,000 sales tax. This from the man who has repeatedly voted to raise taxes in Congress. 
So in less than a week, we have 2 instances where rich Democrats who vote for higher taxes, and then turn right around and circumvent paying the taxes they owe. 
Why don't you practice what you preach, Democrats? 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "If liberals didn't have double standards, then they wouldn't have any standards at all." 


The Real America.

| Friday, July 16, 2010
"America is not a Christian nation".
You hear that phrase often, be it from your rabid unneighborly ACLU lawyer, or sadly, from the current president of the United States. They'll tell you that America wasn't founded on Christianity, and that the Founding Fathers were all either deists or outright atheists. This view is touted in public schools and universities across the country.
Even some Christians, growing up in this environment, have to come to believe it. Others may not believe the founders were secular, but they certainly don't feel like they have enough evidence to refute the statement either. So, they remain silent, and the statement continues to ring out, unchallenged.
What I want to talk about today, is this: Is what they say really true? Is America indeed a godless Republic?
To answer this, I won't quote modern philosophers or verbose politicians. I'm going to go back to the beginning, when the harbinger of freedom first dawned on the shores of America. When such people as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson lived and gave their lives and their livelihoods to see America rise. What do they say have to say about America?

First of all, let's look at a sage and very well known document, namely, the Declaration of Independence. This document was written by the supposed deist, Thomas Jefferson. Well then, why did the Deist find it necessary to mention God 4 times in the relatively short document? He makes reference to a "Creator" in the famous line about human rights, and even before that, Jefferson mentions "Nature's God". In the latter statement, he elevates God above nature, or natural law! Even more damaging to the 'deist' cause, Jefferson appeals to the "Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions...". Now clearly, if Jefferson was in fact a deist, why would he be appealing to a God that he clearly calls a "Supreme Judge". Those aren't the words of deist or atheist by any stretch of the imagination. If that wasn't enough, later in the document, Jefferson makes this statement, "with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.
Divine Providence is defined as the "Activity of God in world affairs". If Jefferson was a deist, why would he use such language? The truth of the matter is that Jefferson mentions God pretty often! I was at the Jefferson Memorial a couple of weeks ago, and even there, most of his quotes mentioned God, in one form or another.
Now some might say, "How do you know he was talking about a Christian god"?
Who do you think he was talking about? Buddha??? Allah??? Thor??? I think not. The God almost universally believed in at that time in America was the Judeo-Christian God. To try to claim otherwise is downright silly, to say the least.
      Now, what about the rest of the Founding Fathers? According to Adherents.com, ALL of the Founding Fathers professed to belong to one Christian church or another. The majority, 57.1%, belonged to the Anglican church, while 23.2% and 21.4% considered themselves Congregationalist and Presbyterian, respectively. Now, what about Ben Franklin? Many revisionist historians like to tout him as the man of reason,  and as a deist.
The truth is far from that image. During the Constitutional convention, the delegates had reached a stalemate. There were deep and profound disagreements between the 2 sides, and it looked as if it would be impossible for them to reach agreement.
A man stood up, and requested that before the business proceedings of each day commenced, that it be opened in prayer to God. Not only that, he requested that a chaplain be appointed for the duration of the convention! The man who requested this was none other than Ben Franklin. The question begs asking, why would a deist recommend that the convention open its day praying to God to "enlighten our minds"?

Another argument revisionist historians and anti-God people use is to claim that there is no mentioned of God in the Constitution.
While it is true that God's name is rarely mentioned in the Constitution, the reasons behind that are far different from what leftists would have you believe.
The Founders believed that religion was a matter best left up to the individual, and to the states. Most state constitutions defined the role religion played in civil affairs, and as such, the Founders did not want the federal government to usurp that power. As Daniel Dreisbach puts it, "The Constitution, in short, can be fairly characterized as "godless" or secular only insofar as it deferred to the states on all matters regarding religion and devotion to God. 
Imagine that. The lack of God in the Constitution, far from being the result of the anti-religious bias of the Founding Fathers, was simply an example of the Constitution's support of states rights. Take that, ACLU! 

The truth is undeniable. The feverish attempt by radical leftists to revise and secularize our history cannot keep the truth from ringing out. They've tried to deny the devout religious beliefs of the founders. They've tried to explain away the Constitution and America's profound success as being simply the result of reason. To some extent, they've succeeded. They've offloaded their rhetoric and frenzied arguments to our children, via the public school system and the leftist media. 
They've done all that, and yet, they've failed. The truth cannot be hidden anymore.
Now you know. They are the ones who are wrong. 

Hot Links: Discover the truth regarding America through this website. David Barton has been a recent guest on the Glenn Beck program, and his website features loads of helpful information and articles regarding America's true, unadulterated history. http://www.wallbuilders.com/ 

Check out David Barton's books, Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution, & Religion and Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White .


Israelis DESTROY the Gaza Flotilla Peace Myth

| Thursday, June 10, 2010
Israel sets the record straight in this new video. I love it when people take a stand for the truth in such a powerful fashion. They're definitely doing it here, and doing a great job of it, I might add!!
Send this video to your friends and family. They need to know the truth!!


The Unknown Citizen

| Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You may or may not have heard this poem before, but I thought it was most fitting for the time we're now in. Leftists want to 'spread the wealth around', and make everyone the same. If that would ever happen here, the effects would be disastrous. American ingenuity would be gone, stifled under the rising tide of mediocrity that socialism inevitably brings. Let this serve as a warning to you:

He was found by the Bureau of Statistics to be One against whom there was no official complaint, And all the reports on his conduct agree That, in the modern sense of an old-fashioned word, he was a    saint, For in everything he did he served the Greater Community. Except for the War till the day he retired He worked in a factory and never got fired, But satisfied his employers, Fudge Motors Inc. Yet he wasn't a scab or odd in his views, For his Union reports that he paid his dues, (Our report on his Union shows it was sound) And our Social Psychology workers found That he was popular with his mates and liked a drink. The Press are convinced that he bought a paper every day And that his reactions to advertisements were normal in every way. Policies taken out in his name prove that he was fully insured, And his Health-card shows he was once in hospital but left it cured. Both Producers Research and High-Grade Living declare He was fully sensible to the advantages of the Instalment Plan And had everything necessary to the Modern Man, A phonograph, a radio, a car and a frigidaire. Our researchers into Public Opinion are content  That he held the proper opinions for the time of year; When there was peace, he was for peace:  when there was war, he went. He was married and added five children to the population, Which our Eugenist says was the right number for a parent of his    generation. And our teachers report that he never interfered with their    education. Was he free? Was he happy? The question is absurd: Had anything been wrong, we should certainly have heard.

From Another Time by W. H. Auden, published by Random House. Copyright © 1940 W. H. Auden, renewed by The Estate of W. H. Auden. Used by permission of Curtis Brown, Ltd